06 Jul, 2020
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List of Members of NALSA

S.No Members Date of Nomination (i.e. Date of Publication of the Notification)

Date of Expiry of Term as Member

1  Secretary, Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice Ex-Officio Member N.A.
2 Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance Ex-Officio Member N.A.
3 Shri P.S.Narasimha Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India 13-10-2017 12-10-2019
4 Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohammad Rafiq, Judge, Rajasthan High Court & Executive Chairman, Rajasthna State Legal Service Authority 01-03-2019 28-02-2021
5 Hon’ble Mr. Justice N. Kotiswar Singh, Judge, Gauhati High Court & Executive Chairman, Nagaland State Legal Service Authority 15-07-2019 14-07-2021
6 Hon’ble Ms. Justice Gita Mittal, Chief Justice of Jammu & Kashmir High Court  05-04-2018 04-04-2020
7 Mr. Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate, Madras High Court 05-04-2018 04-04-2020
8 Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ali Mohd. Magrey, Judge, J & K High Court 05-04-2018 04-04-2020
9 Hon’ble Ms. Justice Rekha Sharma, Former Judge, Delhi High Court 05-04-2018 04-04-2020
10 Prof. Ajay Pandey, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana 05-04-2018 04-04-2020
11 Shri Vijay Hansaria, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India 01-03-2019 28-02-2021
12 Padma Bhushan Shri D.R. Mehta, Social Activist, IAS(Retd.) 05-04-2018 04-04-2020
13 Mr. Alok Agarwal, Member Secretary NALSA 10-12-2015 Continuing