08 Aug, 2022
12:25:49 PM
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  1. Does NALSA Only Provide Legal Aid?
Besides legal aid, NALSA also spreads legal literacy and awareness by
    1. conducting legal awareness camps in rural as well as urban areas;
    2. through print media like newspapers, preparing and publishing legal-aid literature; 
    3. arranging workshops on legal topics for various functionaries of the legal systems such as lawyers, students, Non-Governmental organizations and Government agencies;
    4. carrying out field surveys;
    5. creating awareness about the law of the land amongst general public by utilizing digital mass media like Radio, Television, Internet, social media and the like etc.
NALSA also facilitates the beneficiaries of various government schemes, policies to avail the benefits. It facilitates resolution of disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as Lok Adalat, Mediation, etc.


  1. Can External Agencies participate in the activities of NALSA in disseminating Legal Literacy and Awareness?
Yes, external agencies can partner and participate in the activities of NALSA in disseminating legal literacy and awareness.


  1. Does NALSA work with Persons in the Community?
Yes, NALSA engages volunteers (also known as ‘Para Legal Volunteers’) from different walks of life, such as: retired teachers, retired Government servants, NGOs, self-help groups, aganwadi workers, panchayats, educated prisoners with good behavior and serving long term sentences. Since they work in the grass root level, they act as a bridge between the Legal Services Authorities and the public so as to ensure that legal services reach to all sections of the people, to facilitate implementation of the schemes of the government for the entitled sections, to achieve higher rate of legal awareness; thereby ensuring access to justice for all. They are provided basic legal training by the State Legal Services Authorities.